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What is the proportion of material cost to total production cost for USB Type C Cables ?
The total production cost equal the sum of direct materials costs, direct labor costs, and manufacturing overhead costs. In the production process of USB Type C Cables , the direct materials cost is one of the few variable parts. For some mature and well-developed producers, they focus on developing or importing high-end technology to reduce the materials waste as much as possible, therefore enhancing the utilization ratio of raw materials. This, in turn, can reduce the investment in the raw materials while ensuring the quality.

Over the years Shenzhen Alleasa Electronics Co.,Ltd. has become a sought-after supplier because of its unique ability to successfully custom-design and manufacture usb to printer cable to meet customers' needs. The 6 in 1 USB C HUB series is widely praised by customers. Alleasa usb c dock is carefully manufactured. Processes, mainly including desizing, mercerizing, singeing, dyeing and other processes, are used aiming at improving the overall textile properties of products. There is a secure connection between the port and the main body. The quality assurance process plays an important role in the quality of usb cable manufacturers.

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