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Printed USBs - Different USB Devices Used As Promotional

by:Alleasa     2020-04-02
All computers these days come with USB (Universal Serial Bus) ports which are designed to allow different external devices to be connected to a computer in a way that allows the user to simply 'plug and play'. This provides an excellent opportunity for creative marketing people to take advantage of the branding possibilities created. A USB flash drive is one of the devices that can be personalised and will be well received as a promotional gift. These devices are available in an ever expanding range of colours and shapes and are further enhanced by the wide variety of materials and finishes that are available. Some flash drives are supplied pre-loaded with a link to a specific web site and these are generally known as web keys. Although flash drives are the most popular they are not the only USB devices that make good promotional gifts. There are dual purpose items such as pens and torches which have a flash drive built in. USB computer mice can also be personalised and supplied with matching mouse mats. In addition to this there are presenters that have USB connectivity which your clients will be using for their own presentations whilst displaying your branding. Digital photo frames are always welcome and still photographs or video images can be transferred to them using a USB connection. They will stay on a desk for a long period and your discrete branding will be ever present. With all of these devices needing a USB port to plug into, another very good promotional gift would be a USB hub which plugs into a single socket and typically provides up to four extra ports. These hubs come in a variety of shapes and sizes including one that incorporates a very useful desk fan. There are also hubs that will light up your logo when plugged in, novelty shaped hubs and hubs that serve a dual purpose such as business card holders, staplers, mobile phone holder/chargers and even mood lights. Computer peripherals have become very popular promotional gifts and will associate your company with a modern, forward thinking and technologically aware approach to business. Although all of these items have a high perceived value there are products to suit all marketing budgets and a little time spent exploring the specialist promotional gifts websites will give you an idea of the discounts available on bulk orders.
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