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How To Connect Your MP3 Player To Your Hifi

by:Alleasa     2020-04-04
Many of us have personal MP3 players; they are the must have gadget for any household. They are portable, lightweight and can hold thousands of songs on a device smaller than a cigarette packet. By far the most popular device is the Apple iPod. But why limit the tracks in your music library to your MP3 player? You can easily connect any portable audio player to your home hifi or even your television; this enables you to share you music with others and you will also benefit from the higher quality and higher volume audio provided by your home audio system. Your portable music device has a headphone socket, almost always a 3.5mm stereo mini jack. To connect to a hifi or other audio device you will need to connect from the headphone socket into the audio in socket on your hifi. Your home hifi and indeed your television may have an 'Aux In' socket which is the same as the 3.5mm socket found on your MP3 player. In this case all you need is an aux cable or to give it the correct name auxiliary cable. this is basically a 3.5mm jack to 3.5mm jack cable. You simply plug the audio cable into the iPod and then into the 'Aux In' socket on the device you are connecting to. It's important to select the correct input channel on the device you want to hear the audio on. Some audio devices do not have an auxiliary in socket. In this case your audio device will probably have RCA Phono input sockets, these are two round sockets about the same size as a United Kingdom five pence piece. To connect to RCA sockets you will need a 3.5mm to RCA cable. This will then connect to the RCA audio sockets on your audio device. Again you will need to select the correct input channel that corresponds to the sockets on your device. It's a wise choice to opt for gold-plated cables as they offer slightly higher quality, but more importantly the gold plating prevents oxidisation of the contacts which can cause loss of signal or at the very least a deterioration in signal quality. It's also worth considering higher quality cables, these tend to have better shielding which in turn prevents crosstalk between other cables and devices in the area. In conclusion, whichever audio cable you choose, an aux cable or a 3.5mm to RCA you should be able to listen to your audio library on your home music device.
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