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How many new products are launched under branded printer ethernet cable ?
In every year, we launch many new products under the brand of Alleasa, which includes printer ethernet cable . It is crucial and a must to bring new products to the market, as it will help attract potential customers who are in the pursuit of quality and style. It may cost a lot to develop and update the product list, but we are fully supported by brand recognition. With a dedication to details, we manufacture new products in strict line with international standards, resulting in the boosting sales volumes of the product.

Shenzhen Alleasa Electronics Co.,Ltd. is gradually developing into a global enterprise that mainly specializes in the developing and producing of usb to usb. The 7 in 1 USB C HUB series is widely praised by customers. The production standard for Alleasa battery case ensures no harmful or toxic chemicals are used throughout the entire process of turning the fiber into the fabric. It is not affected by high and low temperatures. The product has very high ratings when it comes to CRI. It is always higher than 80, close to the daylight's value, reflecting colors truly and naturally. It is a kind of 3C product conforming to the national quality inspection standards.

Our vision is to develop the usb cables technology, and improve the usb cables design. Please contact us!
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