Alleasa provices one-stop service on 3C electronic.

Business type of Alleasa Consumer Electronics
Shenzhen Alleasa Electronics Co.,Ltd. is a for-profit company that creates printer ethernet cable . It has been committed to developing its production engineering and introducing innovative equipment to make excellent products. Since its inception, it has been operating in the most professional corporate system, serving customers and striving to be one of the leading manufacturers.

Alleasa Consumer Electronics has been a qualified manufacturer in China specializing in the development, production, and sales of usb c dock. The AUX cables series is widely praised by customers. In the production, Alleasa usb cord will go through a series of tests. The dyeing fastness, dimensional stability, appearance after washing and yarn quality will be tested. The main body of the product is made of aluminum, making it not easy to corrode. This product is not prone to affect by electromagnetic interference, nor it emits much electromagnetic radiation. It can ensure a high-definition video transmission.

We make the company decision to be among the very popular 8 in 1 USB C HUB provider. Inquire online!
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