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The majority of modern peripheral devices that you may want to connect to your computer are equipped with a USB connector. Most computers have a limited number of USB ports that can be used simultaneously. This can become an issue if you have multiple devices that you want to connect to your machine at the same time. You might want to use a Keyboard, scanner, printer, and external hard drive in order to get your work done. Perhaps you also would like to charge your phone while you are working. You can swap devices in and out of the limited number of USB ports on your computer, but this can become frustrating and unproductive. There has to be a better way to make use of your peripheral devices. This problem is solved by employing a USB hub to provide additional USB ports to your system. A USB hub expands the capability of your machine, allowing it to interact with multiple USB devices simultaneously. It is a piece of equipment that provides multiple USB ports that all communicate with your computer through a single USB connector. A USB hub will enable you to be more productive by eliminating the need to swap cables in order to access different peripheral devices. Regardless of the number of USB ports built into your machine, a USB hub will allow you to increase the number of devices that you can concurrently. 

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