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7 Top Performing Promotional Phone & Computer Accessories

by:Alleasa     2020-03-30
Promotional desktop items are some of the most popular business gifts available. We all use mobile phones and computers in the office so gifting useful computer accessories and mobile phone products to your customers and top employees will help build you brand like few other products can. There are so many available but here I will introduce you to the top seven. Keyboard Brushes Low cost and very useful, these promotional items can be easily stored in a desk drawer and used whenever needed. The good quality brushed, some with built in lights can help clear all the dust that accumulates between the keyboard keys. Computer Mice Mice are available in many different shapes and styles. Some of the most popular are cordless versions which allow a lot of space to print your logo and details. Mouse Mats Anyone who has been in marketing for a while will have no doubt just how popular computer mouse mats are. They are available in many different materials. It is a good ideas to ask your supplier for samples so that you can try them before you buy. These low cost essential products are excellent value for money because they offer such a large print area for your logo and design. Web Buttons These innovative new products simply must be seen. They are pre-programmed with your website information and sit comfortably on the desktop. When you customer touches the button it takes their browser directly to your website. These new gifts are perhaps a bit gimmicky but a lot of fun and very eye-catching. USB Fans Promotional USB fans have been around for a few years and the keep getting better and better. These desktop gifts are especially popular in warmer climates though I can assure you they are very popular in the UK too. Printed with your logo and details they offer prime advertising space on your customers' desktops for years. Eco Friendly PC Energy Buttons Energy saver buttons are must have products for any eco aware business. They offer a good size advertising space for you on the desktop. When your customer presses the button it puts their PC into standby mode giving a 90% energy saving. USB Hubs Who couldn't use a few addition USB ports from time to time. Gift them to your top customers or decorate your office with logo printed USB hubs for promotions that really stand out. Useful promotional gifts get used the most.
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