Alleasa provices one-stop service on 3C electronic.


Shenzhen Alleasa Electronics Co.,Ltd. has been focusing on 3C electronic products development, production and sales for many years with

unique technology and exquisite craftsmanship to leading the 3C products industry’s innovation and development.


A technology-driven representative

With advanced production equipment, powerful technology force and strong development ability.

Clean code

Athens began using alternate number plate restrictions in the 1990s and Delhi introduced them a year ago.


We have an automated product quality inspection process can predict and detect quality defect trends sooner and can help to identify discrete human, machine, or environmental causes of poor quality. Could lead to a better-quality product with fewer defects and recalls. 

Lower cost

Our efficient production processes deliver more efficient output. Moreover, because a better quality process means higher quality products can be produced, reducing warranty and maintenance costs. 

Providing various certifications

According to the special needs of different products, we have carried out relevant certification tests and passed the audit, with relevant certificates. This can satisfy customers in different markets when selling products, according to the need to provide relevant certificates, to ensure that products can be sold around the world.

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